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You Can Be Heard! Write for us!

Friday, September 19, 2014

By Mass Cities Staff

If you want to be heard, submit an article to us for publishing here.

It's easy. All you have to do is write up a news story or article based on what's happening in your local town. Then submit it using our form and we'll post it here after it's approved. This is your chance to talk about things that the local paper doesn't cover or that other people just don't know about. We can't wait to hear form you!

Eventful results in "greatbarrington,massachusetts"

Scott Low
Good Food and MUSIC!!!

When: Nov 22, 2014 7 PM in Winthrop, Massachusetts (Sat, 22 Nov 2014 19 )
Scott Low
Scott Low returns to the Boston Area!

When: Nov 21, 2014 7 PM in Winthrop, Massachusetts (Fri, 21 Nov 2014 19 )
Greater Worcester Mothers of Twins Club
The Greater Worcester Mothers of Twins Club (GWMOTC) is dedicated to supporting parents and families of multiple birth children throughout Central Worcester County.

Our club offers you a chance to meet and get to know other mothers of multiples who are experiencing
the same joys and trials of having twins or more.

The group meets the third Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm at Nu Cafe in Worcester. The meetings offer support, exchange of ideas, guest speakers and a chance to get out.

When: Dec 18, 2014 7 PM in Worcester, Massachusetts
Cost: Free (Thu, 18 Dec 2014 19 )
Hip Swayers- Roger Salloom | Singer Songwriter
Hip Swayers opening for Roger Salloom - going to be a great show!

When: Oct 25, 2014 8 PM in Worcester, Massachusetts (Sat, 25 Oct 2014 20 )
Starry Night at Cheng Du Restaurant

Please join us for our own version of this classic image!

When: Nov 3, 2014 7 PM to Nov 3, 2014 10 PMin Stoughton, Massachusetts (Mon, 03 Nov 2014 19 )
September Tzedek Salon: Moving Forward From Ferguson
JALSA is excited to invite you to our September Tzedek Salon. 
These salons will continue our series of conversations, 
engaging prominent Massachusetts leaders on the issues that we currently face.

September Tzedek Salon: Moving Forward From Ferguson: Police,
Race Relations, and What We Can Do in Massachusetts

Join us as we hear from civil rights lawyer and ordained minister Rahsaan Hall,
Deputy Director of Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice.

He'll discuss proposed reforms that can transform the future of the unfortunately common occurrences of police misconduct. How can we engender partnership and still hold people accountable? Which reforms will be the most effective? What can I do about in here in Massachusetts?

Learn more about Rahsaan Hall: Salons bring young Jews and social activists together with important policy makers, attorneys and academics for casual conversations at local bars to explore cutting edge issues facing our society and state today. 

JALSA Mission Statement:Inspired by the Jewish imperative to pursue justice, JALSA is devoted to engaging the community in promoting civil rights, protecting civil liberties and achieving social and economic justice.

When: Sep 30, 2014 7 PM to Sep 30, 2014 9 PMin Boston, Massachusetts (Tue, 30 Sep 2014 19 )
Intro to Acupuncture & Boosting Immunity with Sarah Fuller

Immunity is a big buzzword this time of year and for good reason! To help you learn more about staying healthy this fall, we will be hosting local acupuncturist Sarah Fuller for a 60-minute talk in our cafe.

Sarah will be covering:

-A brief overview of what acupuncture is

-Seasonal shifts from a Chinese Medicine point of view (with an emphasis on autumn)

-The role that acupuncture and supplements play in strengthening the immune system and fighting colds and flu.

-Acupressure points that be used at home to strengthen the immune system 

*Samples of select supplements from our Whole Body department will be provided at the end of the talk.*

*Funds raised from the ticket fee will be donated to the CCFA (Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America).

When: Oct 2, 2014 7 PM to Oct 2, 2014 8 PMin Arlington, Massachusetts (Thu, 02 Oct 2014 19 )
Thurkills Vision
Age Limit: All Ages

Thurkills Vision

When: Oct 4, 2014 11 AM in Lawrence, Massachusetts (Sat, 04 Oct 2014 11 )
Nu Cafe Concert Series featuring Roger Salloom - the Hip Swayers open
"Be prepared to be captivated" when acclaimed singer/songwriter Roger Salloom returns to the Nu Cafe - local favorites the Hip Swayers open the show - the Nu Cafe serves up tasty victuals - a great way to spend an October evening!

When: Oct 25, 2014 7 PM in Worcester, Massachusetts (Sat, 25 Oct 2014 19 )
The Brad Ellenberg Quintet in Concert
"Brad Ellenberg and his assembled team of multi-talented musicians have sure earned their chops. They're great composers, arrangers and players who blend the best in traditional jazz with the kind of innovation that makes listening a real pleasure!" Jordan Rich WBZ Radio Boston The Brad Ellenberg Quintet is a dynamic, original jazz band featuring Gary Bohan: trumpet/flugelhorn, Mario Cerra: saxophone, Bob Abruzese: bass, Grant Smith: drums and Brad Ellenberg: guitar. This band is committed to creating exciting and meaningful original jazz music with forty plus originals in their book including over thirty of Ellenberg’s as well as additional selections from Bohan and Cerra respectively. They are currently celebrating the release of their new CD, “Return Engagement”, and have plans in the works for recording their third cd together in the winter of 2014. The Quintet is very happy to be back at the Paradise Café. For this date we are excited to have Jerzy Glod sitting in with us on drums.

When: Sep 20, 2014 8 PM to Sep 20, 2014 10 PMin Dedham, Massachusetts (Sat, 20 Sep 2014 20 )
Tool Training: Hands-On Metalworking Tools SEPTEMBER


If you already know what you want to build and how you want to build it, and you just want to learn how to safely use the basic tools you need (or just need a refresher), this Tool Training session is for you! This training session covers metalworking tools that are supplementary to mills, lathes, and welders, including sheet metal tools like the jump shear and the brake, the abrasive cutoff saw, horizontal & vertical band saws, angle grinders, belt sander, drill press, and spot welders.

The first week is basic training; the second week, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their competency and get signed off on the tools. Students will be authorized to use the tools independently as members at Artisan's Asylum after successful completion of the testing portion. 

Please note that this Tool Training does not provide significant practice with each tool, nor discuss any advanced techniques. To learn how to use metal shop tools at anything other than an introductory level, please take a look at the long-form classes available on out Current Class Offerings page.

Class Goals:

By the end of the tool training session, students will be comfortable with the operation of the jump shear, bending brake, the abrasive cutoff saw, horizontal & vertical band saws, angle grinders, belt sander, drill press, and spot welders.

After passing the proficiency test, they will be able to use all of the tools in this group as a member in our workspace.


No previous experience required. Students must be at least 18 years of age.

Materials Provided:

All practice materials will be provided by Artisan's Asylum.

What to Bring/Wear:

Students should wear metal-shop-appropriate clothes - clothing of natural fibers (cotton, leather, or wool), closed-toe shoes, dangly jewelry or straps, and long hair tied back.

Event Time:

Training: Saturday, September 27, 1-4pm

Testing: Saturday, October 4, 1-4pm


Chris Kearney

Fred Manke


REFUNDS: We offer full refunds for any class cancellations more than one week in advance of the class start date. After that point refunds are contingent upon the Asylum being able to fill the seat. No refunds whatsoever are offered for same-day cancellations. To request a refund for a class, please fill out this form

CANCELLATIONS: Your class may be cancelled if too few people register. A decision will be made a few days before the class is scheduled to run, and you will be notified of the cancellation and your registration refunded in full.

When: Sep 27, 2014 1 PM to Oct 4, 2014 4 PMin Somerville, Massachusetts (Sat, 27 Sep 2014 13 )
Free Speed Reading Class - Boston

This is a free online speed-reading class provided by Iris Reading, the largest provider of speed-reading courses in the U.S. 

You can RSVP directly for this class (and others) here:

You'll learn:

  • How fast you currently read
  • How to read faster while also improving comprehension
  • How to read faster on the computer screen


See a sample of the class below... 

When: Sep 23, 2014 4 PM to Sep 23, 2014 5 PMin Boston, Massachusetts (Tue, 23 Sep 2014 16 )
International Sundays ft. CASE & Castaneda

Please join us Sunday for our International Night Special feat two of Boston's finest DJs: Case and Castaneda.  

Kindly note the event is featured on a high demand night and can entertain a limited capacity, as such, only a few tickets are available... please take a moment and print yours today (free of charge!) 

Music : Open Global Format 

Additional Details: 

- Weekly events are RSVP only 
- No cover 
- Up-scale dress code (no hats, jerseys, sandals, etc)
- Patio open 
- Dinner menu until 11pm 

- For further info or table reservations, reach the host (Al) directly @ 857-264-1321

For further information please stop by our facebook group page @ International Sundays at Minibar (Boston)! 


When: Sep 21, 2014 9 PM to Sep 22, 2014 2 AMin Boston, Massachusetts (Sun, 21 Sep 2014 21 )
Greater Worcester Mothers of Twins Club
The Greater Worcester Mothers of Twins Club (GWMOTC) is dedicated to supporting parents and families of multiple birth children throughout Central Worcester County.

Our club offers you a chance to meet and get to know other mothers of multiples who are experiencing
the same joys and trials of having twins or more.

The group meets the third Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm at Nu Cafe in Worcester. The meetings offer support, exchange of ideas, guest speakers and a chance to get out.

When: Nov 20, 2014 7 PM in Worcester, Massachusetts
Cost: Free (Thu, 20 Nov 2014 19 )
Greater Worcester Mothers of Twins Club
The group meets the third Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm at Nu Cafe in Worcester. The meetings offer support, exchange of ideas, guest speakers and a chance to get out.

The Greater Worcester Mothers of Twins Club (GWMOTC) is dedicated to supporting parents and families of multiple birth children throughout Central Worcester County.

Our club offers you a chance to meet and get to know other mothers of multiples who are experiencing
the same joys and trials of having twins or more.

When: Oct 16, 2014 7 PM in Worcester, Massachusetts
Cost: Free (Thu, 16 Oct 2014 19 )
Wednesday 9/24 - WELCOME BACK! THE RETURN OF THE DENNIS BRENNAN BAND THE DENNIS BRENNAN BAND with special guest CURTIS McMURTRY $5 advance and $8 at the door 8:30 doors / 9:00 show Dennis Brennan and his stellar band of revolving musicians return to rock a fall and winter season of Wednesday nights. As the band did last season, special guests open the second set each week with a short set. Look for some to cover Dennis Brennan songs. Tonight features Austin based singer songwriter Curtis McMurtry. Curtis played this middle set a few months back and wowed everyone with his songs. Curtis is the son of legendary singer songwriter writer James McMurtry. Curtis hits the stage at 10:15. Dennis and the band hit at 9:00PM sharp! DENNIS BRENNAN.... To the uninitiated, Brennan could be considered Boston's own Leonard Cohen or Elvis Costello. His songwriting is respected by critics and musicians alike. Not only adept with the pen, Dennis Brennan is a highly accomplished performer and is known for his ability to span musical genres, styles, and era's with ease. His emotive and passionate voice is comfortable tackling classic country and R& B as well classic jazz, rock and blues. But it's really Brennan's originals that have set him apart. The Chicago Sun Times described him as "A rootsy, hard-edged rocker with the barroom soul of the pre-Woodstock Graham Parker and the unsparing insight of a working class poet." It's a fitting description if ever there was one. To the initiated faithful who attend every show, Dennis and his band (which includes guitarists Duke Levine, Kevin Barry, Russell Chudnofsky, Ian Kennedy, and Tony Savarino on any given night along with the rhythm section of Billy Beard and Richard Gates plus keyboardist Jim Gambino) have etched so many indelible magical moments on the local collective conscious that they return each week to see what will happen next. TONIGHTS GUEST: CURTIS McMURTRY From Austin, Texas. You know his father and his grandfather. Now meet Curtis McMurtry on his East Coast tour for his debut album Respectable Enemy. "Sharp songwriter" (CMT) mirrors legendary father with literate story songs that examine "the nastiest parts of people" AUSTIN, Texas Curtis McMurtry's forthcoming Respectable Enemy plots ("Foxhole") and prowls ("Eleanor's House") with singular focus. "I wanted to make an album about people treating the ones they loved as opponents and the really mean and competitive aspects of love," the Austin native says. "It's about conflict and spite and those times when someone who should be proud of their partner's or friend's accomplishments is jealous instead. I play out the nastiest parts of people." Results spotlight a singular young songwriter rapidly rising. McMurtry's vibrant vignettes effortlessly pull ("Isabel") and punch ("Down to the Wire") with raw emotion and keen insight. Folks notice. "Wise beyond his years," CMT recently called McMurtry. Celebrated songwriter Joe Pug agrees: "Like few songwriters his age, Curtis truly understands what a big tent American music actually is. While most modern Americana practitioners search for another rough edge to sand down, his debut is refreshingly unsymmetrical and beautiful." Evidence: "Chaplinesque." McMurtry seamlessly frames a wounded lover's disdain with unflinching honesty. "What a respectable enemy you turned out to be," he growls, "and here I thought you were just a bad friend." "I wrote 'Chaplinesque' when I was 17," McMurtry explains. "I had this friend that I was really close to and she ended up getting closer to the person I was dating and I couldn't use her as a confidante anymore. It was difficult but fascinating." Remember that sentiment. McMurtry describes the entire collection as "downers to some extent." He carefully divides his stark narratives into two groups: reflective, nostalgic downers and vindictive, nasty ones. McMurtry frequently mirrors Townes Van Zandt analyzing his own songs: "I have a few that aren't sad, they're hopeless, about totally hopeless situations." "Hope is where you choose to see it, so maybe you can imagine a place where these people come to terms with the problems," he explains. "However, I don't think that resolution is presented in the material. They're snapshots of difficult places without clear indications of where they will end." His novelist's eye offers striking attention to detail throughout.b"Curtis is frightfully observant and unflinching in his approach and has a refined voice for storytelling," producer Will Sexton says. "He's an absurd creature who you can't stop staring at and wanting to listen to." Songwriting legend Jon Dee Graham eagerly doubles down: "Respectable Enemy's an honest recording of good performances and well-written songs. I wish I could've played the guitar on 'Wire.' It's wonderful. I would've loved to fuck some shit up there." More on DENNIS BRENNAN Music is in his blood and it shows not just in the impressive body of work, but in the workman like attitude he brings to the stage each and every time. It's what inspired J. Geils frontman Peter Wolf to remark, "The biggest challenge for any artist is to sustain and keep growing. Many musicians who stick with it can fall into a trap of becoming parodies of themselves. Dennis has always kept maturing, which is one of the hardest challenges, and that's why I always enjoy checking him out." It's also why band mate Duke Levine says "Dennis is such a strong performer, he never phones it in, and that means everything to a sideman. If Dennis is giving something that is amazing, then you'd better give it, too." Or as guitarist Kevin Barry says, "I have never played with Dennis when he gives less than 100 percent." Dennis Brennan is a local treasure and he continues to impress and evolve. Do not miss your chance to see him... every Wednesday night right in your own back yard. The Dennis Brennan Band performs two sets every Wednesday night starting at 9:00 (8:30 doors). Ticket price may vary from week to week.

When: Sep 24, 2014 8 PM to Sep 25, 2014 1 AMin Cambridge, Massachusetts
Cost: 5 - 5 USD (Wed, 24 Sep 2014 20 )
10.24 @ PA's Lounge w/ Peachpit, Squall + MORE

9-9:40           New York City Skyscrapper Sex Club                

9:55-10:35    Peachpit

10:50-11:30  Squall

11:45-12:30  Black Oil Incinerator

8:30 DOORS

$10 at the door

See you there! - WEMF RADIO 

When: Oct 24, 2014 8 PM to Oct 24, 2014 11 PMin Somerville, Massachusetts (Fri, 24 Oct 2014 20 )
10.3 @ PA's Lounge w/ Rite of Red, Ready Steady Torpedo + Grenades in the Archives

9- 9:45         Rite of Red                         

10- 10:45     Ready Steady Torpedo

11- 11:45     Grenades in the Archives

 12- 12:45     TBA

8:30 DOORS
$10 at the door

See you there!


When: Oct 3, 2014 8 PM to Oct 3, 2014 11 PMin Somerville, Massachusetts (Fri, 03 Oct 2014 20 )
Scrabble Night at the Hale House
Sponsored by: Hale House Barnard Services Minimum age: 10 What words start with Q? Come join the residents of Hale House for a game of Scrabble. The Hale House is a residential assisted living facility with lively and active older men and women. Hale House provides residential and support services of exceptional quality for a diverse older population. Volu

When: Sep 22, 2014 6 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Mon, 22 Sep 2014 18 )
A Sunday Afternoon Improvisational Music Voyage
Journeys in Sound Presents: A Sunday Afternoon Improvisational Music Voyage with the debut of Otobus Trio plus David Tronzo & Jussi Reijonen in a special duo performance
When a singer and a pianist from Turkey and a saxophonist from France meet not only musically but also humanistically, it leads to the creation of the Otobus Trio.
Otobus is a very practical ground transportation, not always comfortable but you can be sure to meet good travel friends and see beautiful landscapes! Burcu Gulec (voice) , Eren Basbug (piano) and Sylvie Leys(saxophone) play that music, not always comfortable and sometimes chaotic, but always alive and true. Seeking  a synthesis between eastern melodies and western jazz, the trio loves to improvise and plays original compositions.  This will be their debut appearance as a trio..

David Tronzo 
is one if the truly unique and innovative guitarists in the world today. He is considered a pioneer of extended techniques for bottleneck slide guitar. He has recorded and toured with John Cale, the Lounge Lizards, &  Wayne Horvitz, to name a few, and has been voted one of the Top Ten Jazz Guitarists by Musician Magazine in 1994 and one of the Top 100 Guitarists of the 20th Century in its 1993 Press Poll.
Jussi Reijonen is a Finnish born fretted/fretless guitarist & oudist who last year released a critically acclaimed debut album, "un". Jussi has had the honor of performing  with the likes of renowned jazz drummer Jack DeJohnette, flamenco master Pepe de Lucia, Palestinian oud/violin master Simon Shaheen, and the Turkish gypsy clarinet legend Hüsnü Seniendirci, to name a few.
The rare pairing of David Tronzo and Jussi Reijonen should guarantee an exciting interplay of creativity and improvisational spark.

RSVP through Eventbrite to reserve your place.  
Suggested donation $13, or $10 for students, seniors, & those on a fixed income.
Places may be available on the day of the event; suggested donation $15 & $12 without reservation  (cash only at door)

When: Oct 19, 2014 4 PM to Oct 19, 2014 6 PMin Somerville, Massachusetts (Sun, 19 Oct 2014 16 )
Heaven & Hell Halloween 2014 at Stadium Bar Boston

Halloween is the type of holiday where you can dress up like a complete clown and everyone will adore you. But on Friday October 31 at Stadium Bar, you'll have to choose either Heaven or Hell. Come dressed as an angel or as a demon. Come dressed as a super hero or as the grim reaper. Costumes may be wacky, sexy, wild, funny, classic, scary, professional, or even gothic; but whatever you decide, Stadium Bar will be sure to attract Boston's finest. This is Boston's official Heaven and Hell Halloween event, so make sure to bring out your true side so we can decide where you'll fall Heaven or Hell!

Located at 148 State Street in Faneuil Hall, Stadium Sports Bar & Grill is a local hot spot usually attracting avid sports fanatics and beer drinks galore. But on Friday October 31, Stadium Bar will be transformed into the devils dream. Hundreds of partygoers eager to showcase their horrific costumes while enjoying some of the best drink specials in Bean Town. For one night only, let your wild side take over and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere we call Halloween! Ticket prices will increase, as the date gets closer to the event. We do expect to sell out. Therefore, secure your admission ticket now!

Doors Open 9pm l 21+ to enter

For tickets or more information, please log onto or call 888-998-6609

When: Oct 31, 2014 9 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Fri, 31 Oct 2014 21 )
Serve Meals at the Friday Night Supper Program
Sponsored by: Friday Night Supper Program Minimum age: 16 The Friday Night Supper Program was founded in 1984 and provides warm, nutritious meals to Boston's hungry, homeless and low income population. Since 1984, the FNSP has provided over 13,000 home-cooked meals a year to the homeless and hungry people in Boston, while doing so in a safe and hospitable

When: Sep 19, 2014 5 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Fri, 19 Sep 2014 17 )
Distribute Food at the Elizabeth Peabody Food Pantry
Sponsored by: Elizabeth Peabody House Minimum age: 15 During this volunteer opportunity, volunteers assist in facilitating the EPH Food Pantry's weekly distribution from approximately 5pm - 7:30pm every Wednesday. Volunteers are asked to arrive at the EPH Food Pantry (Grant Street entrance) between 4:30pm - 5pm to receive a short orientation from our f

When: Oct 1, 2014 5 PM in Somerville, Massachusetts (Wed, 01 Oct 2014 17 )
GED Math & Writing Tutoring at X-Cel Adult Education (Roxbury)
Sponsored by: X-Cel Adult Education Minimum age: 18 Unearth the old Trapper Keeper-- it's time to go back to high school! Join X-Cel for an evening of tutoring adults from all different cultures and levels of math and writing proficiency. We'll help them with basic math and critical writing skills as they prepare for the GED.

When: Sep 23, 2014 6 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Tue, 23 Sep 2014 18 )
Stock Donations at the East End House Food Pantry
Sponsored by: East End House Minimum age: 16 The East End House Emergency Food Pantry serves residents throughout the Boston area, primarily from East Cambridge. We support over 300 families per month by offering healthy fresh and shelf-stable foods in a dignified setting. By increasing access to good food, we promote the flourishing and achie

When: Sep 25, 2014 1:45:00 PM in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Thu, 25 Sep 2014 13:45:00 )
Consciousness Class | Boston

Consciousness Class is a guide for the days and weeks of your life. It helps you understand the laws of the universe so you can live in harmony with them – all for the purpose of finding fulfillment and maximizing the opportunities life gives you each week.

$40 for 4 classes

Join us every Monday for insights into the energy of the week. Participate in practical workshops, experience consciousness expanding meditations, and study the spiritual wisdom that gives you real-life advantages.

Power of Kabbalah Level 2 is a pre-requisite for this class.


MGH at Charlestown Navy Yard, Building 114, Room D1, 114
16th Street Charlestown, MA 02129
Street and paid parking available, T-accessable.

 Refund Policy:

A full refund may be issued if you need to cancel your attendance before the class/event begins, or within 4 days after the class/event has begun. For an event which includes food and/or drinks, you must cancel at least 48 hours prior the start of the event for a full refund. Refunds will be processed through Eventbrite, and payment will be returned on the original payment method used. Processing will take 5-7 business days from the date of the request.

When: Nov 3, 2014 8:15:00 PM to Nov 3, 2014 9:45:00 PMin Charlestown, Massachusetts
Cost: Ticket sales end at 2pm PT - November 3rd 2014. For more information call 800-522-2252 40.00 true 4 classes 40.00

(Mon, 03 Nov 2014 20:15:00 )
Prepare the Dining Hall at the Friday Night Supper Program
Sponsored by: Friday Night Supper Program Minimum age: 18 The Friday Night Supper Program, founded in 1984, provides warm, nutritious meals to anyone in need every Friday in the parish hall of the Arlington Street Church. Volunteers are needed to help set up the tables and chairs in the hall in preparation for the evening meal. T-Accessible, Green Line (Ar

When: Sep 19, 2014 1 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Fri, 19 Sep 2014 13 )
GED Writing and Reading at X-Cel Adult Education (Dorchester)
Sponsored by: X-Cel Adult Education Minimum age: 18 X-Cel, Inc. Adult Education was founded in 2000 by two adult educators with the vision of providing quality adult education services to residents of Greater Boston. X-Cel’s mission is to make high school completion and college-level study more accessible to low-income adults in Greater Boston, by

When: Sep 23, 2014 6 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Tue, 23 Sep 2014 18 )
Serve Dinner at the New England Center for Homeless Veterans
Sponsored by: New England Center For Homeless Veterans Minimum age: 16 The New England Center for Homeless Veterans is the nation's first and largest veteran-specific homeless shelter. NECHV provides a wide spectrum of supportive services to homeless veterans that include housing, counseling, vocational training, job search workshops, living skills and health-related p

When: Sep 19, 2014 4 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Fri, 19 Sep 2014 16 )
New Volunteer Orientation: Downtown Boston
Sponsored by: Boston Cares Minimum age: 13 Boston Cares is a flexible volunteer agency that connects individuals with volunteer opportunities throughout Greater Boston. To become a Boston Cares member and begin signing up for projects online, you must attend a brief, one-time New Volunteer Orientation. Every orientation covers the same mater

When: Sep 23, 2014 6 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Tue, 23 Sep 2014 18 )
Distribute Food at East End House Pantry
Sponsored by: East End House Minimum age: 16 The East End House Emergency Food Pantry serves residents throughout the Boston area, primarily from East Cambridge. We support over 300 families per month by offering healthy fresh and shelf-stable foods in a dignified setting. By increasing access to good food, we promote the flourishing and achie

When: Sep 19, 2014 9 AM in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Fri, 19 Sep 2014 09 )
Brian De Lorenzo
Brian De Lorenzo sings in celebration of Italian-American Heritage month in Boston's historic Italian neighborhood, the North End.

When: Oct 22, 2014 6 PM in Boston, Massachusetts (Wed, 22 Oct 2014 18 )
Still Harbor's Praxis Community Night & Thanksgiving Potluck

Join the Still Harbor community for a casual meal potluck style followed by a program focusing on the intersection of spirituality and social justice. This month's community potluck will have a Thanksgiving theme.

We’ll share dinner, contemplative time, and conversation. Take a break from your work or school to connect with friends and your spirit of service.

Bring a side dish or dessert to share, bring a friend—or just bring yourself!


What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Take the Red Line (Ashmont or Braintree Lines) to Andrew Square Station and walk 4 minutes to Still Harbor.

Still Harbor also has ample parking in our parking lot just past the building on the same side of the street.

When: Nov 25, 2014 6 PM to Nov 25, 2014 8 PMin Boston, Massachusetts (Tue, 25 Nov 2014 18 )
April Ornithologist DIY Badge

This year, we're making the opportunity for the kids to earn badges from DIY Camp is FREE to join.

Week 1, April 7 - Make a bird caller ($2.00 per kid)
Week 2, April 14 - Make a bird feeder ($2.00 per kid)
Week 3, April 21 - Construct a birdhouse ($3.00 per kid)
Week 4, April 28 - Bristol Audubon Programs at the Old Town Hall (PENDING)

Email me at to set up payment arrangments via check or paypal if you want to avoid the Eventbrite fees.


When: Apr 7, 2015 11 AM to Apr 28, 2015 2 PMin Somerset, Massachusetts (Tue, 07 Apr 2015 11 )
Rising Tides at the MBTA

How high will the flood water go if we get a super storm at high tide? What about in 2050 and 2100, after sea level starts to rise? Susan Israel, project artist of Rising Tides, is marking the flood levels with fish that show the impact of rising sea levels and climate change in four T stations: Kendall, Courthouse, UMASS and World Trade Center. June Krinsky-Rudder and her Revere Public High School students helped make the artwork at Kendall and Courthouse. Come hear about where the project has been and its future plans. By Susan Israel of the Energy Necklace Project.

When: Oct 5, 2014 5 PM to Oct 5, 2014 6 PMin Cambridge, Massachusetts
Cost: Donation


(Sun, 05 Oct 2014 17 )
Forever Family Portrait Day!

To celebrate National Adoption Day, and in a spirit of giving back to our community, Krista Photography is excited to announce that we will once again be offering FREE family portraits for adoptive families on Saturday, November 29th!  We believe that adopting a child into your life is one of the most generous things you can do, so we want to bless and encourage these special families by giving them a photograph to celebrate their “Forever Family!” 

Who may participate:       Any family that has adopted or is in the process of adopting one or more children.

 What do you get:            A brief portrait session to capture a nice portrait of your Forever Family, with one of our professional photographers.  One or more of the best images from your portrait session will be edited and uploaded to our proofing site,, where you will receive a $25 credit towards the purchase of prints or digital downloads of your photos. Additional prints may be purchased a la carte, but are not necessary.  [e.g. $10.99/5x7, $21.99/8x10, and $50.00/digital download with rights released] 

 When:                             Saturday, November 29, 2014 from 9:00am – 5:00pm – just a week after National Adoption Day!

 Where:                            GENESIS - 35 Olympia Ave, Woburn, MA 01801 (Right off of 95 at the Washington Street exit). 

 How:                               Families must register via Eventbrite to reserve your spot.  Please sign-up by purchasing a free ticket for one of the 30-minute time slots available - ONE TICKET PER FAMILY. We ask that you arrive at the beginning of your scheduled time slot.  Families will be photographed on a first come, first serve basis and we will do our best to take families within the 30 minute window for which they have registered.  Due to space limitations, portraits will be limited to 8 people per family (if you have a larger family, please contact us directly to work out an alternative).  If you are unable to attend, please give at least 48 hours advance notice so families on the waiting list may attend.

 Why:                               We truly believe that adoption is one of the most generous acts of humanity, and we want to bless your new family with the gift of capturing your Forever Family in a photo that will last for generations!  We are so excited to be able to offer this special event and cannot wait to meet you!

 **Please note, while we appreciate how important the furry members of your family are, we are unable to accommodate pets at this event due to liability issues**

Krista Photography is a Wedding, Portrait & Humanitarian Photography studio based in Woburn, MA, owned by principal photographer, Krista Guenin.  Krista has been shooting for over eleven years, and has recently expanded her team to include Photographer CoCo Boardman, and Assistant Amy Panichella.  As a team, our mission is to capture the important moments and relationships in people’s lives, and give them photographs that will spark their imaginations and memories for a lifetime.  To learn more, visit

When: Nov 29, 2014 9 AM to Nov 29, 2014 5 PMin Woburn, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit for pricing. (Sat, 29 Nov 2014 09 )
Graphic Artists Guild New England Region: Small Business Roundtable

Small Business Roundtable

This is a discussion of practical guidance for artists about professional business practices.

For many creative people, working for oneself can be the most rewarding career choice one can make. However, it can also be the most daunting, with a lot of hearsay and confusion about what should or shouldn’t be done.

Don’t worry; the Graphic Artists Guild is here to help you figure out this tangle. We’re gathering some experts to explain what you need to know about the process of starting (and maintaining!) a bona fide business, and you can come pick their brains on November 18th.


About the Graphic Artists Guild
The Guild is committed to improving conditions for all graphic artists (including, but not limited to: animators, cartoonists, designers, illustrators, and digital artists) and raising standards for the entire industry. The Guild embraces graphic artists at all skill levels. Our members include educators, intellectual property lawyers, artists representatives and others in related industries.

Guild members are creative professionals and those studying to become creative professionals. We serve graphic and interactive designers, illustrators, animators, web programmers and developers.

For more information on the Guild and how to join, visit

When: Nov 18, 2014 6 PM to Nov 18, 2014 8 PMin Boston, Massachusetts (Tue, 18 Nov 2014 18 )
Data and Analytics in Life Sciences

IQPC is pleased to announce the return of the Data and Analytics in Life Sciences Forum to Boston.  This event faces your company's top data integration challenges head on, and offers a first hand look at the latest solutions and strategies used by your industry peers to gain a single view of their organization. We are proud to present you an elevated portfolio with a cutting edge program, centered around the top trends and challenges that you are eager to discuss for 2015. For more information, click here

When: Jan 26, 2015 7 PM to Jan 28, 2015 10 PMin Boston, Massachusetts (Mon, 26 Jan 2015 19 )
Xconomy Forum: Tech Agenda 2015

The calendar is running out fast on 2014 and if you’re like us, your head is probably swimming with big ideas, bold claims, and plain old information overload.

Want to find out what’s really going on? Join Xconomy for Tech Agenda 2015, our in-depth look at the the real forces driving change in technology, business, and society.

You’ll hear some of the smartest people in tech break down the biggest trends and pressing problems for our country’s most innovative industries, from commerce and robotics to media, education, investing, and more.

To cap off the day, we’ll convene a panel of experts from four important fields to get their biggest, boldest predictions for the year ahead—which innovative companies, ideas, and movements will explode in 2015, and which ones will fizzle out.

Confirmed Speakers:
Sophie Vandebroek
, CTO, Xerox; President, Xerox Innovation Group
Helen Greiner
, CEO, CyPhy Works; Co-founder, iRobot
Lita Nelsen, Director, MIT Technology Licensing Group
Ellen M. Brezniak, SVP, Constant Contact
Dayna Grayson
, Partner, NEA
Maia Heymann
, Senior Managing Director, CommonAngels
Kit Hickey
, Co-Founder, Ministry of Supply
Paula Long, CEO, DataGravity
Jennifer Lum
, Co-Founder, Adelphic Mobile
Marilyn Matz
, CEO, Paradigm4; Co-founder, Cognex
Kara Miller
, Host and Executive Editor, Innovation Hub, WGBH
Diane Mulcahy
, Senior Fellow, Kauffman Foundation
Christine Perkett, CEO, FounderSeeDepth
Jules Pieri, Co-Founder and CEO, The Grommet
Antoinette Schoar, Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance, MIT
Susan Hunt Stevens, Founder and CEO, WeSpire


Registration: 12:30 – 1:30 pm
Program: 1:30 – 5:30 pm
Networking reception: 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Registration information:
Tickets are transferable but not refundable.
To inquire about press registration, e-mail



Alexandria Real Estate Equities

Biogen Idec 

Cubist Pharmaceuticals • IDA Ireland
Johnson & Johnson Innovation • Kauffman Foundation
Latham & Watkins

ARCH Venture Partners • Avalon Ventures
Boston Millennia Partners • Flagship Ventures • G20
General Catalyst Partners • LaunchCapital
North Bridge Venture Partners • Polaris Partners

When: Dec 2, 2014 1 PM to Dec 2, 2014 5 PMin Boston, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit for pricing. (Tue, 02 Dec 2014 13 )
Vintage Sweets: Potato Candy Workshop with Valeria Amato

Yes, you heard right - Potato Candy!  Take a trip back to the 1950s with Somerville resident, Valeria Amato, and learn how to make this fun -- and surprisingly delicious -- vintage recipe. We'll learn the classic Texas recipes found in "The Candy Cookbook" (1966): potato roll-ups and bonbons - and then we're explore some more modern adaptations (think Nutella, almond butter, who knows?).  Bring an apron, your imagination, and a container to take home your delicious homemade treats.

When: Oct 22, 2014 6 PM to Oct 22, 2014 9 PMin Somerville, Massachusetts
Cost: 20.00 true Class Registration 20.00

(Wed, 22 Oct 2014 18 )
From Boston to Berlin


The Zamir Chorale of Boston invites you to  

From Boston to Berlin

A cabaret-style evening featuring the  

 Zamir Chamber Chorus

which will perform highlights of Zamir Chorale of Boston's upcoming participation in the Louis Lewandowski Festival in Berlin, Germany, including cabaret songs and music by Lewandowski and German-American-Jewish composers

Monday, November 10, 2014, 7:30 pm

The Goethe-Institut, 170 Beacon Street, Boston  

Joshua Jacobson, Artistic Director 

with remarks by German Consul General Schütte


Complimentary admission for 2014 Zamir donors $360+

General admission: Suggested donation $36  

Seating is limited, advanced RSVP only   

The Zamir Chorale of Boston is headed to Berlin, Germany, December 18-21, to represent the United States at the Louis Lewandowski Festival. Zamir will join six other choirs from around the world in paying tribute to the German Jewish composer who became world renowned because of his reform of synagogue music. The theme of this year's festival is "Stars and Stripes" -- German composers who emigrated to the United States during the twentieth century.

Zamir's tour to Berlin is sponsored in part by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Light kosher refreshments will be served.  


When: Nov 10, 2014 7 PM to Nov 10, 2014 9 PMin Boston, Massachusetts (Mon, 10 Nov 2014 19 )
Concord Carlisle Summer Camp and Opportunities Fair

Please joing us for the Concord Carlisle Summer Camp and Opportunities Fair!

If you require electriciy, please let us know as soon as possible.  Access to outlets is on a first come-first serve basis.


The cost for the fair is $150 per table.  If you would prefer to send brochures to be set out, the cost is $40.  All checks should be sent to the following: CCHS Parents' Association, C/O Kathryn Brumm, 126 Barton's Way, Concord, MA 01742.


We look forward to seeing you!

When: Jan 12, 2015 5 PM to Jan 12, 2015 8 PMin Concord, Massachusetts (Mon, 12 Jan 2015 17 )
Walk the Innovation Trail of Boston & Cambridge

Want to learn more about the scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs who made Boston one of the most innovative cities in the world? And get a feel for the places that are spawning a whole new wave of breakthroughs? Join us on September 28th for a special walking tour of the Innovation Trail of Boston and Cambridge. This is something that happens just once a year — and sometimes less!

ALL proceeds will be donated to a worthy nonprofit. And when you register, you get a vote on which one. (Your four choices: Computer ClubhouseScience Club for GirlsBUILD Boston, or the MassTLC Education Foundation.)

We'll visit the Ether Dome at Mass General Hospital, where anesthesia was first demonstrated successfully...learn about the "incubator" space where Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell once worked, and see early telephones and switchboards...get inside the Cambridge Innovation Center, home to more startups than any other single building in the world...and visit a rooftop garden recently renovated by Google as part of the expansion of its Cambridge office.

Your hosts are Bob Krim, historian and director of the Innovation-Entrepreneurship Center at Framingham State University, and Scott Kirsner, Innovation Economy columnist of the Boston Globe.

We'll plan to gather at noon somewhere you can grab coffee or a snack — you'll get details when you register — and start promptly at 12:30. The starting point is close to the Park Street, Government Center, State Street, and Downtown Crossing T stops. We'll wrap up within walking distance of the Central and Kendall T stops on the Red Line (which will return you quickly to Park Street.) You'll also be close to good spots to grab a drink, a coffee, or an ice cream cone.

We hope you can join us.

(We'll reschedule in the event of pouring rain, but otherwise will run the tour on Sep 28th. Once you buy a ticket, there are no refunds — sorry. But you may transfer it to another person.)

When: Sep 28, 2014 12 PM to Sep 28, 2014 4 PMin Boston, Massachusetts (Sun, 28 Sep 2014 12 )
A Night of 50 Shades of Pink

An Event You Will Remeber... Raffles, Door Prize, Music, Appetizers & Beverages, Photo Booth, Spa Amenity Bags(while supplies last), Discounts on Future Services (when booked during the event), Mini Spa Services Offered by Cristallo Spa

In Collaboration with Pink Heals Organization Supporting Women- Raising Awareness

When: Oct 9, 2014 5 PM to Oct 9, 2014 8 PMin Rehoboth, Massachusetts (Thu, 09 Oct 2014 17 )
Communicating in Moodle

Learn about Announcements, Forums, and Quickmail as ways to communicate with students in Moodle. Hands-on practice included.

When: Sep 30, 2014 1 PM to Sep 30, 2014 2 PMin Pittsfield, Massachusetts (Tue, 30 Sep 2014 13 )

Join us for the Zumba party that will rock Boston! Get your tickets today!

When: Sep 27, 2014 2 PM to Sep 27, 2014 4 PMin Boston, Massachusetts (Sat, 27 Sep 2014 14 )
Gang of Thieves
Age Limit: 21+

Gang of Thieves

When: Oct 25, 2014 9 PM in Gloucester, Massachusetts
Cost: Free show. Under 21 patrons allowed in before 10pm. (Sat, 25 Oct 2014 21 )
Chip Greene - Sabrina Stone
Age Limit: 21+

Chip Greene

Sabrina Stonewebsite:

When: Sep 26, 2014 11 PM in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Cost: $5.00 (Fri, 26 Sep 2014 23 )
Oak Meadow Golf Tournament

Come Support The Oak Meadow School Community with a round of fall golf at

Butter Brook Golf Club in Westford, Massachuetts.

The Florida Scramble Tournament will be held on Wednesday, October 15, 2014, with a shotgun start at 9:00 AM. 

Register  your foursome today and save!
Foursomes are $640 until October 1, 2014

Don't have a foursome but still want to play? Contact

Don’t Golf? You can still help support Oak Meadow with raffle donations, sponsorship opportunities, or by joining the event team!

Contact with any  questions or inquires. 

      Golf Tournament Sponsorship Opportunities  

Are you interested in sponsoring part of the event?  Email regarding any of the sponsorship opportunities listed below.

Hole in One Sponsor
This opportunity allows a select company to purchase hole in one insurance.   The Company Name will appear on program and hole in one signage. Foursome options can be associated with this option too. 

Gold Ball Sponsor 
This opportunity allows a company to purchase golf balls with their personalized corporate logo. Each tournament player would receive a logo ball!

Awards Dinner Sponsor 
This opportunity allows a handpicked company to sponsor the Steak Tips & Chicken dinner immediately following. The Company’s name would appear on every table with signage.

Golf Cart Sponsor 
This opportunity allows a Company to have its name on every golf cart!

Bloody Mary Table OR Beverage Cart Sponsorship
This opportunity allows a choice Company Name to be displayed on the Beverage Cart. Something all Golfers will see throughout the day!

Sign Sponsorship Opportunities
Companies can have their name displayed on custom signs for the Longest Drive & the Closest to the Pin contests. Hole Sponsorship opportunities also are available! 

Please email regarding any of the sponsorship opportunities for further information or to create your own show of support!

When: Oct 15, 2014 9 AM to Oct 15, 2014 7 PMin Westford, Massachusetts
Cost: Early Bird registration, available until 10/1/14 640.00 true Early Bird - Foursome - $160 per player 640.00

720.00 true Foursome - $180 per player 720.00

(Wed, 15 Oct 2014 09 )
Roomful of Teeth

Visiting Artists: The vocal ensemble Roomful of Teeth premieres Elena Ruehr’s Cassandra in the Temples, a one-act opera based on a libretto by Gretchen E. Henderson that explores the themes of mysticism, disaster, hysteria, and belief in a new ecological interpretation of the apocalyptic Greek myth.  Ruehr received a Guggenheim to compose this work.  Also on the program will be works by Pulitzer Prize winner Caroline Shaw, Evan Ziporyn, Christine Southworth and others. 


Founded in 2009 by Brad Wells, Roomful of Teeth is a vocal octet dedicated to mining the expressive potential of the human voice — from yodeling to Inuit throat singing. Through study with masters from non-classical traditions the world over, the eight voice ensemble continually expands its vocabulary of singing techniques and, through an on-going commissioning project, invites today’s brightest composers to create a repertoire without borders. In 2014, the ensemble won a Grammy Award for Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance. 

Tickets prices same at the door.  

Parking map

When: Nov 21, 2014 8 PM to Nov 21, 2014 11 PMin Cambridge, Massachusetts
Cost: Visit for pricing. (Fri, 21 Nov 2014 20 )

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